Amazing Rhododendrons, Tofino, BC – May 2018

Rhododendron in bloom

I had never been in Tofino during the month of May so was totally blown away by the quantity and size of the rhodos in bloom everywhere I looked.  We have plenty of rhodos currently in bloom on the east coast of Vancouver Island, but the rhodo bushes I saw in Tofino were more like trees than bushes.

Rhododendron bushes, Tofino, BC

Apparently Tofino’s climate is ideal for rhodos; an abundance of rainfall with temperatures seldom falling below freezing in winter or rising much over 20 degrees celsius in the summer months.  Usually I just see a curtain of green as I pass through town so it came as a complete surprise to learn that so much of the greenery consisted of these giant rhodo bushes.

White rhododendron
Pink and red rhododendrons, Tofino, BC

Lulled by the palette of colours surrounding me and the good weather, I decided to postpone my journey home with a stop at the Tofino Botanical Gardens.  I had never stopped here before and was curious to see what I would find.

Rhododendrons, Tofino Botanical Gardens

Of course, I found plenty of rhodos in bloom, but these were just a small part of the offerings presented. My main impression of the experience was a fanciful forest walk leading one to a quiet, secluded beach on Clayoquot Sound. Sculptures by local artists were placed here and there amongst the trees or overlooking the water.  Other sculptures were set around a picturesque pond.

Tofino Botanical Gardens
White rhododendron, Tofino Botanical Gardens
Sculptures, Tofino Botanical Gardens

I was glad that I took the time to savour the moment before hitting the road.  The Botanical garden is a lovely place to enjoy whatever is in bloom, examine some of the local flora, admire some artwork, but most of all, spend some quality time in a tranquil and serene setting.  There is a little cafe overlooking the garden and pond where one can sit inside or out, depending on the weather.  After a morning of fishing, surfing or beach combing, this would be the perfect place to have lunch and then wander around.



1 thought on “Amazing Rhododendrons, Tofino, BC – May 2018

  1. I’ve been a little late to visit your blog! Those flowers look gorgeous. I think I’ve seen them here. I’m not great with names of flowers and it’s quite a challenge to figure them out. 🙂


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