The Valley Trail, Whistler, BC – May 2018

Green Lake, Whistler, BC

The Valley Trail winds throughout the Whistler community, connecting continually to side extensions or loops.  In this way, it is readily accessed from all residencial and commercial areas.  It snakes its way past Green Lake in the north, along the River of Golden Dreams, past Alta Lake, Nita Lake and Alpha Lake then continues on down to Function Junction in the south.

River of Golden Dreams

The trail is ideal for walking or cycling (cross-country skiing in the winter), but cyclists tend to dominate the trail.  Whistler, being a recreational paradise and major tourist destination, attracts thousands of young people.  The mean age of the resident population is 33, the majority of visitors are either young or young at heart;

Varied Thrush

throw in a transient, international workforce and you have a formula for bicycles to be the main means of transportation.  The locals are going about their daily business via bicycle while the tourists find it a quick and easy way to explore the vicinity.

Alta Lake

There are several shops that rent bicycles in town, although you won’t require the fancy mountain bikes unless you are planning to head up the mountain to the rough trails.  The Valley Trail is paved and flat with a few short hills; nothing that requires luxury suspension.  Some of the hotels have bikes as well.  Nita Lake Lodge provides bikes and kayaks with no rental charge if you are lodging there. The Valley trail passes by their front door and the kayaks are directly beyond at the lake front so you can’t beat that for convenience.

Train stop by Nita Lake

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