Adrenaline Day at Whistler- May 2018

Ziplining at Whistler, BC

Zip lining through the trees above Fitzsimmon’s Creek at Whistler, BC offers the most extensive network of zip lines in North America, including the two kilometre long Sasquatch run that is the longest on the continent.

There are many exciting tours to pick from at Whistler, but, unfortunately, most come with a high price tag.  Because we live relatively close to the area, we are able to come here almost every year enabling us to space out the pricey activities with hiking days.

This year we decided to make zip-lining our treat to ourselves.  Ziptrek Tours has a variety of wonderful tours to choose from so we picked one of the more deluxe tours.  It includes five fairly long zip lines, the longest being just under 800 metres with a drop of 30 storeys; also included are many treetop platforms and walkways giving plenty of opportunity to enjoy the trees from a bird’s eye view.  For three people, the tour came to 372 CAD.  This tour is called the Eagle Tour.

The Sasquatch tour includes a zip line that is 2 kilometres long where people can reach speeds over 100 kilometres an hour (The more you weight, the faster you go).  This tour doesn’t open this early in the season as there is still too much snow higher up.

Treetop platforms
One of several lines that pass over Fitzsimmon’s creek.
Zipping through the trees

We spent about two and a half hours walking and zipping through the treetops.  I felt like the kid with the best and most extensive treehouse in the world.  It’s thrilling, yet at the same time peaceful to alternately wander and zip through the tops of the trees.  When we were done, we all felt inspired to take more zip line tours in the future.

Old Man’s Beard hanging from the treetops.
Heading out on the longest zip line.



2 thoughts on “Adrenaline Day at Whistler- May 2018

  1. Gulp! It looks scary. Wonderful views there!


    1. It can be a little scary on the first zip, but it’s quite safe and after awhile you just enjoy flying like a bird – it’s a whole new perspective. We have so many mountains here, I guess we are quite used to chair lifts and gondolas on the ski slopes anyway. You just get a little closer to the trees here. Higher up above this valley is the Peak to Peak gondola (It has the longest span in the world between towers and attracts thousands of visitors each year). I rode that a couple of weeks ago while Spring skiing. It’s hard to take good pics on the gondola-the glass spoils them.

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