How do you feel about the pictures you post?

Helen Mackenzie Lake
Helen Mackenzie Lake

Do you post pictures because you want to attract attention to an idea, a theme or a place or are you an artist, looking for colour, shape and form wherever you go?

For me, it is sometimes one of the above, but many times none of the above.  Mostly, I just love taking photos, especially of nature, just as I see it without special effects.  At times, I post pictures that are not great or even good, but they happen to be all that I have on the topic.  I always have the hope that a picture posted will bring enjoyment to someone in some way or possibly be useful, but my belief has generally been that nobody would notice my pictures with so many professional shots to choose from.

Then one day I got the shock of my life while visiting a city far from my hometown.  I was with a friend who had an errand to do in an office for a few minutes, so I sat in the reception area to wait.  The office had erected a wall-sized screen with a feed that was circulating nature shots to amuse people while they waited.  I was jolted to attention when one of my shots appeared on the screen, followed by a second one, about ten seconds later.

The shots I saw are the two I’ve posted today.  They’re not what I consider to be my best, but it was a thrill to see that someone thought they were worth showing in his office.  I have since noticed that a few of my pictures have been put on pinterest and credit was given to the blog I posted them under.  Somehow I now feel that it is worth it to keep posting pictures even if most go unnoticed.

Westwood Lake
Westwood Lake

3 thoughts on “How do you feel about the pictures you post?

  1. I started posting pictures to highlight the places we visit and showcase my husband’s photography. And then I started clicking pictures too. I love nature and it dominates most of my themes. It must have felt nice to be noticed. Your captures are beautiful and serene. 🙂


    1. I certainly enjoy Basel’s shots – he has quite a talent. If some are your’s now, too, then I guess you’re getting pretty talented as well. Nature is also my favourite. I never get tired of looking at it, sometimes just a little spot of beauty in a seemingly barren spot. It’s also fun to see the contrasts, towering mountains in the distance or that little flower you posted coming out the side of the tree trunk.

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      1. Thank you so much for your generous praise! And you remember my pictures! I loved your capture of the peacock. xo

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