March “In like a Lamb, out like a Lion”

A cool day by the water

I can’t help but think of this old folk saying as the bitter winds this week have burned my cheeks and made it a chore to stay outside for any length of time.  It is quite a contrast from the somewhat balmy temperatures in the earlier weeks of the month when I could work outside for hours comfortably.

March tends to be a strange month in this part of the country.  We can have an entire winter without snow and then get a week of it in March. Although some flowers and blossoms are out, the trees are still mostly bare so it isn’t a very appealing month.  That’s probably why many people around here take a short trip to Hawaii or Mexico at this time.  But, I definitely prefer this kind of weather over what many other parts of Canada experience at this time – either Winter or the dismal season of Spring break-up when the snow melts to reveal a winter’s accumulation of sand, gravel, grit, litter and animal droppings. One advantage of the West Coast abundance of rain is that it usually keeps our streets pretty clean.

Mussel shells

At this time when Nature is not yet decked out in full colour, I look for beauty in the things that don’t change with the seasons.  Things like these mussel shells remain unchanged in any season.

Live mussels and seaweed

Although many trees are still bare, the narcissus have sprouted with a vengeance, not to be swayed by a few icy breezes.


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